The Video Content Craze

Social media is a staple in the digital marketing world. As the algorithms are constantly evolving, it is vital for you as a business owner and entrepreneur to stay on top of all of the trending content going on around us.

The Video Content Craze ... And Why You Need To Be A Part Of It

User growth is BOOMING with the use of videos

The trends on social media are coming in as fast as March got here, specifically, trends related to video content! As the saying goes, knowing is half the battle… If you want in on which trends on social media are probed to have the greatest impact this month, read on.

 Whether you’re just starting or are a pro in these areas, the digital world will continue to throw out new tricks and trends for your business to adapt. The good news is, you don’t have to find them yourself OR figure out how to apply them on your own… so let’s get into it.


Hot Brands Use Video Content!

We hope this isn’t a shocker by now, but long gone are the days when a simple, prerecorded video will suffice to your audience. Video content on social media has changed into something much more complex. And with that, more entertaining and personable.


Soooo, let’s talk about LIVES!


Going “Live”, (or live streaming as it is formally called), is a feature in which a user will video record for their followers in real-time on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Viewers can tune in, listen, watch, and add to the conversation via a message board that pops up on the screen for all participants to see.

But you already knew all that… So, how do you use it to your advantage? 

The live feature allows users or “faces of the brand” to express themselves or the company in a more personal and engaging way. Companies and businesses are encouraged to jump on the bandwagon to discuss issues, topics, news, product releases, Q&As, and more relevant things to their business with their users.


Go Deeper… Live Events!

Livestream events are a unique blend of entertainment, engagement, and e-commerce that create a seamless user experience. Viewers can interact with the host, ask questions and comment in real-time, and purchase right then and there, without leaving the platform. 

Instant promos create a FOMO atmosphere, increasing sales and brand awareness…


Facebook is the #1 source for live streaming


You didn’t think we’d forget about reels, did you?

Social media users, like any humans, want to be entertained and feel like when they receive something, it’s authentic and genuine. In this case, the content your viewers desire must encompass these aspects! Find why your followers are interested in your content and give them what they want while not losing sight of your niche and brand!

The fact that virtually no one, even your followers, cares about your advertisements means we need to start thinking about a new approach.


To advertise but without advertisements!

Essentially, you are selling yourself when you stick to these components. You will not flat-out present your product or service; however, you go around it in an engaging and entertaining way that does not feel like an ad. This can be done by using humor, logic, art, or any creative tactic, along with a sound that fits your brand best.

Thus, capturing your audience and, in turn, clicking to your page to see if they can find more similar content!

Pro Tip: Use “popular” sounds for your reels to allow potential audiences to find you on the explore pages!

Time is of the essence…

What’s the optimal video length? 

While arguably the most crucial aspect of your reels is the content and message itself, you won’t keep anyone around if it’s lengthy. The content needs to be short enough to sustain our society’s dwindling attention span… in other words, keep it short and sweet! SECRET TIP: The sweet spot is between 8-10 seconds.

At the very least, incorporating reels will increase brand awareness, post-interaction and engagement, likes, follows, and views!


Short on ideas for content? Here’s a freebie…

Employee, staff, or client shoutouts are a great way to highlight the personal side of your brand or company. It promotes a sense of community and familiarity for your followers to see REAL people in your REELS! Putting more than one face to the brand can also be beneficial for showcasing inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and with your brand’s intended target audience.

All in all, video must now become a core component of your strategy—but simply hitting record and throwing up a plain video is no longer enough. It must be creative, innovative, and entertaining to stand out in today’s digital marketing landscape.

It should be FUN and ENGAGING videos that do not come off as advertisements… but sneak in advertising tactics instead. Whether it be Lives or Reels, you must get on board with video content to stay afloat in the future of social media.

Make sure to try out the employee, staff, and client shoutouts for a content idea this week… show off your stakeholders, they deserve it!

Fun Fact to Wrap Up: 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media! That’s 4.62 billion people. Moreover, 424 million new users have come online within the last 12 months, and this growth is expected to continue.

Let’s get you connected to those billions… comment on our latest Instagram post HERE with any questions you have regarding our March 2022 Marketing Tips Updates or anything regarding digital marketing and how we can help!

Talk soon,

The Team @ CTM



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