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Christian Taylor, a seriel entrepreneur, founded Christian Taylor Marketing to help assist small business owner’s stories be told across the world through dynamic marketing. 

We create together, measure always, and revise often, ensuring our customers stay at the focus.

Christian Taylor, the owner of Christian Taylor Marketing (CTM), is a native of Warrior, Alabama. Christian helps established businesses create dynamic branding kits, set realistic marketing goals, and define their target market through an automized marketing plan. She specializes in social media marketing, ad campaigns, website design, and all forms of digital marketing. She’s proud to say that as a woman-owned and black-owned business, 95% of her customer base is also woman-owned and black-owned. Now, that’s a whole lot of black girl magic.

Since the inception of her business on June 24th, 2020, Christian has been able to reach great heights. She started the company during the pandemic and has been able to thrive throughout, teaching other business owners methods to stay relevant and reach new sources of income.

See, she doesn’t just want to assist people with marketing; she wants to educate them. It is one of her missions to teach small business owners marketing tools and techniques so that they too can become pandemic-proof businesses that will survive on their own if they ever were in need.

Christian would rather teach a (wo)man to fish than give her the fish. The concept doesn’t mean that she is GIVING away her processes, but that she becomes a mentor to those in need. A mentor then becomes a part of this person’s life, meaning they will always come to you for advice and guidance. This bond helps her to create dynamic relationships and long-lasting connections with her clients.

You can read more about her story here.


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