Frequently Asked Questions

Check below for frequently asked questions about marketing, social media, and website design services.

Yes, we provide customer support. Our customer support hours are between 9AM EST – 6PM EST, Monday – Friday.

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Yes, you can update your monthly marketing package at any time with a 30-day notice. 

As of now, we only have support for English, but can assist marketing efforts for multiple languages by using Google Translate.

CTM supports monthly marketing clients and website design clients. We are constantly working and assisting in new projects. 

To learn more about what services we offer, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to speak to one of our reps. 

Are you a emerging small business owner looking to outsource your marketing efforts? Want to learn how to grow on social media? Interested in running social media ads and expanding your reach? Than we are the right company for you.

Yes, we do offer a la carte services. To find out more, please book a consultation

All monthly packages start with a 3 month commitment to ensure quality of services. Payment plans are available. No refunds once purchased. Clients must submit a 30-day cancelation notice in order to terminate a contract. 

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